Beginner’s Guide to Rock Painting

Painting rocks is a simple way of giving back that goes a long way in infusing joy in people’s lives and yours as well. For every rock painted, love is ingrained within, and the bliss of seeking them cannot be measured. Finding painted rocks is always a pleasant surprise for the finder; you can keep it or re-hide it for another to enjoy and share your finds on social media sites. Check Facebook, for your local area’s “Rocking” community!

Make sure to leave your painted rocks in areas that are allowed, such as inside hospitals and businesses are typically not allowed unless you are permitted to do so. You can find out by checking with your local rock painting community on Facebook. Also, leaving painted rocks and removing rocks for painting from National and State Parks is prohibited, seek public areas for rock hunting, or you can purchase rocks from your local garden center or rock yard.

I have enjoyed painting and finding rocks myself, and I hope you enjoy the Rock Painting Guide community, share your masterpieces on our Facebook page for others to enjoy and be inspired! Please subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tips and rock painting resources! Thank you for visiting!

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