Rock Painting 101

Rock Painting 101

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tye-dye peace signRock Painting 101 is a Beginner’s Guide to Rock Painting.

Back in the 70s’ a movement of peace, love, and positive vibes, and was indeed a force to reckon with. Now there’s a movement of kindness that has emerged, and it has become quite the obsession spreading joy to others. How do you spread joy? Well, by transforming natural rocks into amazing and beautiful works of art, then topping it off with the fun by hiding them for others to find.

Painting rocks is a simple way of giving back that goes a long way in infusing joy in people’s lives and yours as well. Since, for every rock painted, love is ingrained within, and the bliss of seeking them cannot be measured. Here is a list of I have put together for easy step-by-step instructions and resources to help you start rock painting and join this joy spreading movement.


Rock Painting 101

Holding a rock

Step One: Find Rocks!

Ideally, smooth flat rocks are preferred when creating your masterpiece but don’t discount the undefined rocks; they can give you inspiration for creating unique art.  Please be aware that there are areas that are illegal to remove rocks from such as, National and State Parks, waterways, and railway tracks. Consider finding on the public beaches and even buying stones from local garden centers or here.

Step Two: Clean Rocks!

Once you gather enough rocks, you will have to wash with soap and water to remove any debris and let them dry before painting. For a smoother finish, you can use a light grit sandpaper on your rocks before painting.  It’s the perfect time to plan your design and gather your supplies. Click here, for a list of the Best Rock Painting Supplies.

geometric painted rocks

Step Three: Paint Rocks!

Now comes the fun part, painting your rocks with your creative ideas in mind. There are a few ways to create your rock art by using acrylic paints, marker pens, using dotting tools to create beautiful Mandala art designs.

Step Four: Protect Rocks!

Protecting your rock is a step that shouldn’t be forgotten.  After your painted rock is dry, use an aerosol spray sealer or Mod Podge paint-on sealer. It will provide a moisture barrier to protect your artwork from being faded or damaged over time. There are several kinds of sealants to use, check out a list of sealants here.


Let the Fun and Games Begin

After creating your masterpiece, it is time to hide your painted rocks and begin the fun. Rock painting can be fun for all ages with the help of social media to display your art and rock finds in your community. The excitement, I see in my three-year old’s face makes this activity fun for the whole family. You can search Facebook for rock painting groups in your area. It’s a great way to make new friends and organize rock painting parties to support local charities and raise awareness for a cause.


Are you involved in rock painting and any painted rock community yourself?

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