Accessories & Kits

  • Kids' Brush Holder
  • Description:Holding 24 brushes this holder keeps them organized and protects bristles from damage. A wood frame holds a sheet of clear Plexiglas with holes. The bottom has pre-drilled holes for the brush handles. Brushes stand up ready to use.
  • Price: $25.35
  • Loew Cornell Multi Bin Holder
  • Description:Circular 50-hole organizer keeps art craft and studio supplies quickly accessible. Also for drying brushes and holding technical pens upright. Compact (5-1/8" high) made of durable gray plastic.
  • Price: $6.75
  • Masterson Sta-New Brush Holder
  • Description:The Sta-New Brush Holder suspends your brushes bristle-end-down the best way to help them dry naturally while maintaining their shape. It holds up to 10 brushes and includes a tray to catch drip and can be mounted to an easel wall workbench or counter.
  • Price: $19.95
  • Porcelain Brush Holder
  • Description:Porcelain makes such a great surface for leaning a brush while not in use! Protect the delicate hairs on the brush from contact with hard surfaces and protect your studio tabletop from stains and solvents.
  • Price: $5.12
  • Canvas Brush Organizer
  • Description:A smaller version of the organizer it measures 12½" × 12" (30 cm × 12 cm) with 24 pockets.
  • Price: $17.99
  • ArtBin Paint Storage Tray
  • Description:Great for work areas where space is at a premium this handy wood box perfectly holds up to 21 4 oz paint bottles or use it to organize other art and craft supplies. Use the ArtBin Paint Storage Tray upright or sideways on flat surfaces or mount it on a wa
  • Price: $16.79
  • Alvin Spin-O-Tray
  • Description:For consolidating and organizing all the loose odds and ends in one quickly accessible place. Rotating tray has 3 storage levels with holders 7 mini-trays plus a deep center well for long brushes scissors etc.
  • Price: $17.15


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